“Content is King but Distribution is Queen”

Jonathan Perelman – Buzzfeed

The realization and production of contents, together with their diffusion strategies, define the success of any communication campaign. From Goodnews we approach the contents in a holistic way to adapt them to the wide variety of channels that are used and followed by consumers: web, social networks, media and advertising media

Advertising Contents

We work on creativity, the realization or making of and production of advertising spots to achieve the desired impact for our customers

News and Reports

We work from the credibility to develop informative content for our clients and its diffusion between audiovisual and online media producing video communications and video news

Corporate Videos

Planning the mission and vision of companies and institutions through the image helps build a reputation. Corporate videos are a powerful communication tool to position and understand the activity of the company

Audiovisual Content for Social Networks

The video is the most-watched medium in social networks. Generating and adapting audiovisual content to social networks has become a key activity in marketing and current communication

Touristic Videos

Tourism is an unstoppable phenomenon that goes hand in hand with globalization,and video plays a key role to convey the benefits of the destinations

Shorts Films and Documentaries

Since the beginning of our company, Goodnews has worked in film and documentary productions, being nominated for the Goya awards

Our selection

Here you can find the audiovisual projects that we want to highlight in a single glance.

They trust us

Recent Projects


We have developed the advertising content for their campaign “never stop learning”. Goodnews created the campaign idea, taking care of the creative development, realization and production. We also did the diffusion of the campaign on social networks.

In addition, Goodnews has created more than a hundred audiovisual content for the Santillana website

General State Courts

At Goodnews we made and produced the advertising spot for the 40th Anniversary of the Constitution for the General State Courts.

In addition to the production of the video, we made other audiovisual content for social networks and the media. Also, we adapted their logo to a larger format design for the canvases that decorated the Congress of Deputies and Senate on the day of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

Balearic Women's Institute

Documentary film “Llavors de Futur”

Goodnews made the documentary film “Llavors de Futur”. In this long-running production, released in theaters, the work of Balearic women over the last 30 years and her contribution to feminism are really valued. This work was commissioned by “the Institut Balear de la Dona”, dependent on the Balearic Government, to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Development of audiovisual content for broadcast at events, product presentations, tutorials and internal communication. In addition, informative videos for their appearances in national TV news programs


For several years we have been producing daily audiovisual content on lifestyle and curiosities, and random facts for the news portal of Yahoo!

Madrid for You

The Madrid City Council initiative for the international promotion of the city of Madrid.

City you Love. Advertising production for the international promotion website.

World Tourism Organization

At Goodnews we made and produced videos to highlight the UNWTO tourism prototype methodology.

We carried out the International tourism promotion projects for the tourist destinations of Mendoza (Argentina), Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Madrid.


Development of audiovisual informative content for the broadcast in audiovisual media: television and online media.