In Good News, we like to listen to our customers

From there, and always pursuing their objectives, we make a previous analysis and investigation to identify key audiences and define the best communication strategies. We develop the most effective formats and contents and distribute them in order to achieve the result and the impact desired by our customers


Identify audiences, analyze and investigate to find and extract the insights or hidden information of relevance to differentiate us.


Ability to choose and develop the most appropriate formats and contents to achieve the best result


Keep in mind all of the different communication channels (social networks, web, blogs, TV, radio or press) to reach out to our audiences in the most effective way

Impact Management

We see and measure the impact achieved by our strategy to evaluate it and reinforce, modify or improve it towards our next actions in relation to our objectives

Clients trust our strategy

Spanish Agency For Data Protection

We are working on the development of their communication for the private sector and on the diffusion strategy of their Social Responsibility Policy. We help them in the development of their activity in relation to the fundamental right of people’s privacy. In the strategic process we have identified more than 20 Business Associations with whom the Agency has initiated conversations for the correct use of the General Data Protection Regulation among its associates.

Goodnews also introduced the AEPD in the field of Social Responsibility, identifying the key stakeholders in Spain for the development of their Social Responsibility Plan


We worked for them in the development of audiovisual communication strategies for electric cars, important projects about lighting and sponsorship visibility. Thanks to these strategies we have achieved coverage in audiovisual media on some of the largest audiences in the country.

Línea Directa

We are working on the audiovisual communication strategy of the company’s Studies Unit, such as the use of the skateboards and scooters in the urban environment and aggressive driving, obtaining coverage results in the majority of national and regional television.