First of all Creativity

The graphic design area of ​​Goodnews is essential for the development of an attractive, interactive and multimedia content, and also works in an integrated manner with the areas of strategy, content development, web, and social networks. We have managed projects of corporate identity development working on the strategy area and the design of content for web and social networks.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity developments are carried out with the Goodnews strategy area where brand analysis and diagnose processes are used to define the desired positioning

Mockups and Graphics

Within the design department, the layout of Memories, Guides, and Magazines, are some of the stuff that Goodnews produces for its clients


It is one of the most important visual tools to communicate effectively and quickly. In Goodnews we create the infographics from visual thinking to highlight data, develop ideas and share information


Another key element in the design is the creation of iconographies that help identify our clients quickly and effectively

Large format applications

These types of applications such as banners or covers allow us to visualize and impact dramatically the most relevant ideas or communication elements of our customers

Recent Projects

Spanish Agency for Data Protection

We have developed the new corporate identity and the logo of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection as well as its applications that support all the communication activities of the Agency.

We have also prepared infographics, reports, guides and posters.

Generalitat de Catalunya

For the Catalonia Government we make all kinds of designs according to your needs, whether online or offline.

Social media creativities, streaming design, new press cards, infographics, gifs… adapting the format to the content.


Goodnews is developing the presentation design and the Vuela magazine for the Spanish airspace manager, we also provide all the necessary materials used for internal and external communication.

We have also prepared infographics, reports, guides and posters.

General Courts of the State

For the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, Goodnews designed large-format applications with the 40-year Constitution logo.

We have also prepared posters.

Las Rozas Innova

Las Rozas Innova contacted us to develop their new corporate image.

We have worked with them to make their logo, brandbook and the design system of their image for all applications of the brand. We also created their promotional video, all the necessary elements and needs for their social media and, of course, their website.

Madrid for You

For Madrid for You, we design the inside information pages of their corporate website, the newsletter and its necessary elements for a better visualization of information, such as interviews, news, events … that support the international promotion of the city of Madrid.

We adapt the images to any presentation format that the brand requires, always respecting their corporate image.

Telefónica Foundation

For Voluntarios Telefónica we launched a publication that collected all the intense activity that more than 40,000 workers of the company do as solidarity work.

Goodnews designed a logo according to its corporate image for the magazine called Good Signal, and the design and layout of the cover as well.