Social networks have come into the communication sector to stay.

In Goodnews, we focus the management of social networks in the planning, programming, development, posting, monitoring and analysis of the contents. This social media management approach offers to our clients multiple of opportunities to spread their contents in an effectively and efficiently way, as well as providing us with strategic information to maintain and improve the relevance for our client’s audience

Social Media Strategy

We design for our clients the most appropriate strategy to spread their activity in social networks. Based on their audiences and objectives, we advise them on what social networks they should be, how they should be, how they should interact and with whom. To succeed in social networks, it is necessary to develop a content strategy that makes the presence of our customers relevant

Profile Creation

Once the strategy is designed, we work on the creation and definition of the profiles of each of the social networks

Community Management

The planning and programming of content on social networks are key to give consistency to their communication activity. Our team of community managers manages and designs both; content and interactivity, and also interact with social media followers


The creative development work is done parallel to the tasks of community management. This work is necessary to maintain the relevance of social networks and get viralizable content

Recent Projects

Spanish Agency for Data Protection

For the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, we have developed a social media strategy starting with the activity of the Agency on Twitter to take it to YouTube later on as a channel that provides us with the appropriate platform to spread the technical content of the Agency for its audiences that need to know the most specific aspects of privacy and data protection.

Telefónica Foundation

We work for the volunteer area of the Fundación Telefónica managing its presence on Twitter and Instagram.

We have launched their newsletter Good Signal to show the work of volunteers.


For ENAIRE, a company dedicated to the management of Spanish airspace, we manage its presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube, we also create content and audiovisual production.

Madrid Town Hall

At Goodnews we work in the international promotion of Madrid and in initiatives of entrepreneurship, cultural and lifestyle promotion. This way we manage the social networks of four major initiatives:


Initiative for the international promotion of Madrid that projects the city as one of the places to work, invest, study and live. We manage their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Business Forum for Madrid

Private public initiative that positions Madrid as a leading city for business development in an innovative, sustainable environment with international projection.

Madrid Capital of Fashion

Project the lifestyle of the city of Madrid through the communication of cultural aspects, fashion, lifestyle, leisure, decoration and gastronomy. Goodnews manages for them Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Madrid undertakes

Is an initiative to support entrepreneurs in the city of Madrid. We work in the community management of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube.