There’s no heaven without a website

Goodnews also works in Web design and development by combining, in an integrated manner, the design and content departments. The websites have become one of the most important parts of companies and institutions and therefore from Goodnews, we consider technological development, creation of content and services really important to make this communication medium attractive and useful. On the Web, we do not only deal with the content, but also with the continent

Web Development

Goodnews has a team of expert programmers in HMTL5, Drupal, Java and Wordpress to carry out the technological development of our clients' websites


Having knowledge and accessibility experts has become essential for the development of Web pages

Web Tools

The development of the newsletter is a fundamental tool to support the diffusion of the websites and ensure that users become familiar with them and their contents

Maintenance and Update

The webs are living elements that must be updated not only technologically but also through the refreshment of their contents

Recent Projects

Madrid es Economía

We have designed and developed the government area of economy, innovation and employment website of the city of Madrid.

Priority Channel of the AEPD

We have designed and developed the Priority Channel of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection website. (AEPD)

The purpose of this website is to remove sensitive content from the internet, whether of a sexual nature or showing acts of aggression, the dissemination of this content without the consent of the affected persons is putting their rights and freedoms at HIGH RISK.


Web design and development for the Spanish Music Federation.

The main organizations that form the music sector in Spain, from recorded music and live music, to publishers and rights management societies, have come together to represent and promote the collective interests of the music sector in Spain.

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Madrid Fashion Capital

The main for Madrid Capital de Moda was the visualization of the web contents and in this sense Goodnews designed and developed a new webpage. Fully self-managed and responsive, now, this is a visually modern and clean, accessible and multi-language portal.

Nowadays, we keep updating contents and elaborating new technological developments of the website that promotes the culture, fashion and lifestyle of the city of Madrid.

Madrid for You

We have designed and developed the website of the international promotion portal of the city of Madrid.

Madrid undertakes

We are updating technologically and at the content level the entrepreneurship support platform of the Madrid City Council