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Our Team

  • Illustration of  Eva Aguirre

    Eva Aguirre

    President of Goodvernament
  • Illustration of  Javier Ontiveros

    Javier Ontiveros

    President of Goodvernament
  • José Gonzalez

    President of Goodvernament
  • Cristina Pérez

  • Illustration of  Marina D. Gámez

    Marina D. Gámez

    Manager Assistant
  • Illustration of Irene Gobet

    Irene Gobet

    Production Manager Assistant
  • Illustration of  Xavi Vallbona

    Xavi Vallbona

  • Illustration of Lola García

    Lola García

    Minister of Design and Creative Affairs
  • Laura Noguerón

    Ministery of Design and Creative Affairs
  • Illustration of  Irene Chaparro

    Irene Chaparro

    Writer and Social Media Manager
  • Melisa Cabaleiro

  • José Fornet

  • Illustration of  Jose Teja

    Jose Teja

    Audiovisual Production
  • Rodrigo García

    Audiovisual Production
  • mayte

    Mayte del Cerro

    Community Manager
  • Illustration of  Lucía Olivera

    Lucía Olivera

  • Diana Hidalgo



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